aagaard design studio.

A Copenhagen–based, one–man army design studio. I design, advise and carry out purposeful solutions — as a brand strategist, futurist and self–taught designer. Currently working as a Senior Designer at Charlie Tango. Educationally I hold a Bachelors degree in Social Science and a Masters in E-business. I have comprehensive experience in working with the digitalisation of brands — from brand values and visual identity to digital product design and design systems. My philosophy is to think brand when doing digital and to think digital when doing brand. I don’t believe in any certain process or methodology, nor do I religiously worship the latest set of buzzwords. I believe in simplicity, expertise, intuition, effort, logic, collaboration and trial and error — and above all I believe in whatever it takes.

Client list: Danske Bank, Lauritz.com, SAS, Libratone, Coloplast, Wilhelm Lauritzen Arkitekter, Dinesen, Wonderful Copenhagen, Velux, YouSee, Virk, Borger, Storebælt, 3 Days of Design, Børsen, Nilfisk, Gether Conemporary, ABN Amro, Anker&co, Scalepoint + more.